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Intelligent Fluorescent Fixtures
Changing the way you light Offices

The ATRIUM fixture is your opening to the sky. It provides the soft natural light that comes from the sky on a cloudy day. There is no glare from this fixture. No lamps are visible. Unlike daylight, this light is adjustable. You can select the amount of illumination that you want. You can have 25%, 50%, 75% or full illumination depending on the tasks that you are doing. It will make it possible to have different levels of light for different areas, or different levels of light in the same area at different times of the day. You can even utilize different types and combinations of lamps for warm light, cool light or daylight.

ATRIUM fixtures replace standard 2 or 4 tube fluorescent surface or drop-ceiling fixtures. Generally, they take 1/2 the number of fixtures to light a given area. They have controllable light levels and 150 degree beam angle and 170 degree field angle yielding glare free even lighting with no hot spots. They provide a total of 12,480 lumens at 100%.

bulletIndirect Recessed Lighting.
bulletAdjustable lighting levels for different tasks.
bulletFits in existing lay-in ceilings
bulletEasy lamp and ballast replacement from below the fixtures.
bulletOne Atrium replaces 2 or 3 existing fixtures.
bulletChoice of lamp color (warm white, cool white and daylight).
bulletLow glare design to prevent eyestrain.
bulletBetter light quality
bulletOne power feed. No additional power wiring required for multi-level operation.
bulletUL Listed
bulletSurface mounted fixture also available.

Comfortable, even lighting.
The typical minimum to maximum contrast ratios with
ATRIUM fixtures are 1:4 or less.  This comfortable range reduces eyestrain and helps promote an efficient work environment in a variety of applications. A traditional fixture can have up to 10:1 contributing to eyestrain.

Micro-processor controlled lighting levels.
uses cost-effective compact fluorescent lamps in a recessed, indirect fixture. Lamps are controlled in sets of two giving 4 levels of light at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% without additional wiring.

Intelligent Lighting.
ATRIUM fixture has features that make it intelligent. It has a computer with memory on board and stores, sends and receives messages. The  fixture will fit in most suspended ceilings in place of other 2' x 4' fixtures. The power wiring will be the same. The ATRIUM fixture is wider than regular fixtures and overlaps 4" into the tiles on either side of the fixtures. This allows the lights to be hidden and use the entire fixture opening as a reflective surface to spread the light over the work space.

TV Light
Victory Rods


New and Innovative lighting solution using the latest self ballasted controllable fluorescent lamps.


bulletOffices with computers
bulletSchools, classrooms & offices
bulletGrocery stores
bulletHealth Care facilities
bulletTechnical facilities

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