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Intelligent Retrofit and New Fixtures
Changing the way you light
your sanctuary

Zion Lutheran Church, Monvodi, Wisc. Converted incandescent fixtures to Intelligent Flourescents.

If you can answer any of the following questions "yes", you may be able to cut your electric consumption by 50% and increase your light levels by 300%.

bulletDoes your church need brighter lighting?
bulletDo the existing fixtures use incandescent bulbs?
bulletDo the existing fixtures hang down like the ones in the pictures above?

If you answer to these questions is "yes", then we can help you. Our Intelligent Lighting retrofit fixtures can probably be installed in your existing fixtures. This will give you energy savings of at least 50% and increase the light levels 3 times brighter than they are now.

Removing the entire insides of a hanging fixture and replacing them with the Intelligent Retrofit insert shown below can increase the light levels over 5 times.

Chapel Heights United Methodist Church

Chapel Heights United Methodist Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has a beautiful dark wood interior. Their original lighting was fourteen 500 watt (7000 watts) par fixtures that left the ceiling very dark and barely illuminated the pews so the the congregation had difficulty reading the hymnal.

They installed seven 36" alabaster type domes with eight 55 watt (3080 watts) compact fluorescent lamps each. This was about half the power consumed by the old system and it produces over 3 times as much light as the old system. The fixtures have a 4 level control for each fixture so that the lighting can be controlled to meet any need. The congregation and pastor are very pleased with the lighting and will be glad to tell you of their success with these fixtures.

In addition to the alabaster fixtures shown above, we also can supply a wide variety of Tiffany-style fixtures similar to the one shown below.

TV Light
Victory Rods

New Fixtures

Although the narrative refers to Retrofit fixtures, we also supply fixtures to new construction. Why incur the higher energy costs? Install our fixtures in the beginning of your project.

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