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Intelligent Fluorescent Fixtures
Changing the way you light
your facility

MultiBay 8 lamp fixture  uses efficient compact lamps in choice of warm white, cool white and daylight.

bulletInstant on - no warm up.
bullet4 levels of lighting control - saves energy and matches task.
bulletUniform lamp life with computer controlled rotating burn cycles at lower light levels.
bulletUniform (bat wing) light distribution for soft, even lighting.
bulletOne power feed for multi-level operation.

Save energy, save money, control lighting and get better quality with MultiBay intelligent fixtures. Fixture output may be set at 25%, 50%, 75% or full illumination - lets you vary the level of lighting for time of day, specified area or other parameter.

MultiBay fixtures include an on-board computer which controls 2 lamps at a time - gives 4 levels of illumination from the 8 lamps. The lighting distribution pattern is uniform independent of the number of lamps powered. The computer also monitors individual lamp "on" times when the fixture is in fractional output modes.

At a preset interval it rotates power to unused lamp sets - gives uniform lamp life over the entire fixture.

MultiBay 8-lamp light distribution produces a broad light cone. It allows soft, even illumination of both horizontal and vertical objects within a room or building, Metal halide fixtures, by contrast, produce a narrow, vertical light cone.   The "spotlight" effect produces an uneven, high contrast and less pleasing interior environment and unnecessary eye strain. .

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Your best choice for uniform, efficient and easily maintained lighting.


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